Liv.52 Liver Detox

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Manufacturer: Himalaya, India
Trade Name: Liv.52
Strength: / 100 tabs

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Liv.52 Liver Detox: details and properties

ATTENTION: Expiration date 10/2017


Liv. 52 is produced by the Himalaya herbal healthcare Center and is one of the worlds most popular liver formulas on the market. It's prescribed by a number of different positions around the world and used as an herbal supplement in 45 different countries. The current formula for Liv. 52 has been around since 1955 and it contains a proven blend of herbs with antioxidant properties. Liv. 52 is beneficial for creating optimal liver function and it can get rid of a number of different toxins as well as poisons that can affect our body. As toxins and poisons enter into our bodies through our food, the air, the water and in medications Liv. 52 ensures that the liver can continue its detoxification process. Liv. 52 is quite often prescribed to treat diseases like alcohol liver disease, early cirrhotic conditions, fatty liver conditions, protein energy malnutrition, hepatitis and even during chemotherapy. It's extremely beneficial to all health conscious individuals, heavy alcohol drinkers and people who are undergoing liver rehabilitation. It's also a great idea for anyone on medication that's particularly tough on the liver as some oral steroids are. Liv. 52 works to protect the liver by promoting hepatic cellular regeneration. It eliminates acetaldehyde which is an intermediate metabolite in alcohol metabolism. Liv. 52 can hasten the recovery and reduce any liver related side effects by preventing fatty infiltrations in the liver. It's been proven better than milk thistle and used as a popular liver detoxification method as well as a popular supplement for anabolic steroid users. It doesn't have any known side effects and the recommended dosage for Liv. 52 is to take two tablets twice daily and one tablet twice daily after a few days of treatment.


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