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Sorry - Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg/ml is no longer available.
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Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg/ml

Trade Name: Testosterone Suspension
Substance: Testosterone Base
Strength: 100mg/ml / 10ml


Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg/ml: details and properties

Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg / ml Steroid Profile: • The duration of action: 1-2 days • Classification: Anabolic Steroid • Anabolic activity: 100% of testosterone. • Androgenic activity: 100% of testosterone. • Type - injection • Dosage: Men 50-100mg / day • Acne: Yes • Water Retention: Yes • High blood pressure: Unlikely • Hepatotoxicity: Low • Aromatization: yes • DHT (dihydrotestosterone) conversion: yes • Decrease HPTA function (testosteron production): Low Use and Dosage Effects of Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg / ml: • Generally, Zentec’s suspension effects coincide with those of other forms of testosterone • A very short half-life • The fastest anabolic effect is felt on the very next day of the cycle • It is believed that the maximum increase is observed in those muscles in which a solution is administered, so it is often used to target muscles. However, this view is wrong (otherwise it could be possible to observe asymmetric or local hypertrophy, which looked as disgusting as when using synthol). • In general, the testosterone aqueous suspension is similar in its pharmacological properties to propionate. Dosage of Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg / ml for men: The testosterone suspension retains a high concentration in the blood only for 2-3 days, however intramuscular injections are administered every day for the best results. The daily dose varies in the range of 50-100 mg. Each new injection is given in a new location to avoid local side effects. The cycle duration should not be more than 4-5 weeks, as this will significantly influence the arc of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes along with the suppression of endogenous testosterone secretion. If you want to prolong the cycle, you should also use gonadotropin. Zentec Testosterone Suspension 100mg / ml is often used the day before the competition, since most tests do not detect it after 24hours. In rare cases, after 48 hours. Side Effects: The pharmacokinetic characteristics of the drug (a rapid increase in blood concentration) provide not only positive effects, but severe side effects. Testosterone Suspension is highly androgenic, often causes acne, fluid retention, and gynecomastia. For this reason, PCT is mandatory (antiestrogens are taken from the first day of the cycle). Toxic effects on the liver are possible if only taken in very high doses. Painful injections (although less painful than injections of Winstrol propionate). Half Life: 4-6 hours Detection Time: 24-48 hours or two weeks depends on detection type Cycles: Very often Testosterone suspension is combined in the same syringe with other water and fat-based anabolic agents or with vitamin B12 (reduces pain). Also, to eliminate pain it is often mixed with a novocaine or lidocaine solution. It is also well combined with nandrolone and Equipoise in cycles for muscle increase.


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  1. this stuff work good

    Review by dou (Posted on November 20, 2016)

    hello everybody this stuff work good after i bottle only i have seen difference and is most of the time painless i am impressed how it soft and of course it is fast acting i do realize then when i want a rush of testosterone i take one dose of 1cc.before training and i have result that is the reality with water base what i love about MG. is they offer us all medication that we need to be fully healtful without acné etc. no a lot site take care of full understanding of what body builder need.

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