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Zentec Primobolan 10mg

Trade Name: Primobolan
Substance: Methenolone Acetate
Strength: 10mg / 100 tabs


Zentec Primobolan 10mg: details and properties

Zentec Primobolan 10mg Steroid Profile: • The duration of action: 5 hours • Classification: Steroid anabolic / androgenic origin • Anabolic activity: 88% of testosterone. • Androgenic activity: 44% of testosterone. • Type - oral • Dosage: Men 50-100 mg / day • Acne: No • Water Retention: No • High blood pressure: No • Hepatotoxicity: No • Aromatization: No Use and Dosage • Effects of Zentec Primobolan 10mg: • The muscle mass increase. • The strength performance increase. The anabolic effect of Primobolan on the body is approximately equal to the effect of decanoate. • Reduction of body fat. • The increase in the relief and the shape of the muscles. The most common steroid is used during the cutting courses for saving of the gained muscle mass. The rollback phenomenon is minimal. Taking of Zentec Primobolan 10mg for men: Zentec Primobolan 10mg Course is the best for athletes who are interested in muscle mass maintaining, muscle shape improving and vascularity of muscle fibers increasing. Before taking the steroid it is better to consult a doctor and undergo a full medical examination (for the main vital signs monitoring). Zentec Primobolan 10mg course is performed solo during 6-8 weeks. For oral form of taking medicine the dosage is 50 - 100 milligrams (daily). FCT after a Zentec Primobolan 10mg course begins 2-3 days after completion of taking the pills. Side Effects: The steroid has no estrogenic activity, and therefore users do not face the risk of edema and gynecomastia. However, side effects of Methenolone Acetate are possible due to the secretion of testosterone suppression. According to the researches, the drug, after taking it at a dose of 40 mg for 6 weeks reduces the body's ability to produce testosterone by two times. However, the effect was observed only in long time intervals. For compensation of the negative manifestation of this drug the gonadotropin can be taken during the course of Methenolone Acetate, and at the end of the course testosterone boosters can be taken. Rarely, but still possible, such side effects as liver disorders, insomnia, irritability, aggression. Half Life: 5-20 hours Detection Time: 5-6 weeks Cycles: As for how to take Zentec Primobolan 10mg along with other AAS, for the muscle mass gaining Nandrolone, different testosterone Oxymetholone, Sustanon and methandrostenolone, for cutting — Winstrol may be included in the course. The safest mass gaining combination is considered to be Methenolone plus Nandrolone (during such a course, side effects are rare with minimal rollback phenomenon). It is not advised to use a combination of more than two types of steroids. Mixed course is better to be limited to half the dosage - it will help to achieve synergies and to reduce the possibility of side effects. For women, the combinations are not the best choice.


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