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Ephedrine 8mg

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Manufacturer: 4EverFit, Canada
Trade Name: Ephedrine
Substance: Ephedrine hcl
Strength: 8mg per tab / 50 tabs

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Ephedrine 8mg: details and properties


Chemical structure

Ephedrine belongs to the group of psychoactive alkaloids. It should be noted that ephedrine enhances the norepinephrine release. This compound acts as same as the main adrenergic hormone in the human body - epinephrine (adrenaline).

It affects both the alpha- and beta-receptors. People who take ephedrine admit significant improvement in activity of the central nervous system and it also exerts a stimulating effect on other body systems.

Due to the break of triglycerides a significant increase of free fatty acids is observed, the body temperature is slightly increased (causing the stimulation of metabolism), levels of fat are reduced, and blood supply is also improved.

Ephedrine qualities

Ephedrine solo is less frequently used than its combination (25-50 mg) and caffeine (200 mg) and aspirin (300 mg), a potent combination for fat burning. In this combination, ephedrine and caffeine act as thermogenic stimulants.

Aspirin, in its turn, helps to inhibit lipogenesis by blocking the penetration of the fatty acid acetate. If you want to know whether this combination works well, the user (often athlete) can control his/her body temperature. Usually, those who take ECA notice that their temperature rises by 1 degree, and it does not cause any problems.

This combination should be taken 2-3 times a day for a couple of weeks. At that moment, when the body temperature returns to normal, it is recommended to stop taking ECA since its effectiveness starts to decrease. After a short break (a month and a half) drugs will exert the desired effect again.

Ephedrine Usage

Administration (for men):

Ephedrine hydrochloride is administered orally at the dosage of 0.025-0.050 g 2-4 times a day.

Ephedrine is taken subcutaneously and intramuscularly at a dose of 0.02-0.05 g 1-2 times per day.

The drug is administered intravenously slowly at once - at a dose of 0.025-0.050 g (0.5-1 ml of 5% solution) or drip - up to 0.10 g in 100-500 ml of 5% glucose solution or isotonic sodium chloride solution.

In eye drops ephedrine hydrochloride, is prescribed as 1-5% solution.

Higher doses orally and subcutaneously: single dose - 0,050 g; daily - 0.150 g

For fat burning: ephedrine (25-50 mg), caffeine (200 mg) and aspirin (300 mg)

Administration (for women):

The same as for men.

Prevention of ephedrine side effects

It is possible to achieve complete elimination of side effects in the case if you follow next recommendations:

1. One of the main ephedrine disadvantages is that it very overloads heart. This can be avoided by using beta-blockers. Include metoprolol in your course at a dose of 50-100 mg 1-2 times a day, it will normalize blood pressure, lower the heart rate, as well as eliminate discomfort in the chest. Metoprolol will keep your heart safe from the influence of ephedrine on the myocardium. In order to find the optimal dose of beta blockers, it is advised to check the pulse rate after 2-3 hours after a dose of ephedrine and 50 mg of metoprolol. In the case when the pulse is in the range of 60-80 beats per minute at rest means that the dose is sufficient. If pulse is less than mentioned interval, it is necessary to halve the dosage of metoprolol, but if the pulse is more than that interval - it is necessary to increase the dosage of 1.5-2 times.

2. It is necessary to drink plenty of water - at least 2 and a half liters a day, otherwise dehydration will occur, and it will cause a lot of serious complications. Ephedrine reduces the feeling of thirst, while increasing water loss. That is why it is necessary strictly control the amount of water drunk per day.

3. The drug can cause a feeling of insomnia, so it is not recommended to take it in the afternoon.

4. If you have more severe side effects, you should reduce the dose of ephedrine, or completely cancel its administration.

5. Do not take the drug if there are some contraindications.


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