Teragon Fina - Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml

Teragon Fina - Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml


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Manufacturer: Teragon Labs, Russia
Trade Name: Fina
Substance: Trenbolone Acetate
Strength: 100mg/ml / 10ml


Teragon Fina - Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml: details and properties

Trenbolone Acetate from Teragon Labs is a fast acting injectable steroid in an oil based format. Trenbolone Acetate ester is known for its extremely fast acting nature and this means more frequent injections as well as the ability to clear the body more quickly making it a fine option for tested athletes. Trenbolone is widely regarded as one of the most powerful steroids for use in today's market. Trenbolone is often recommended as well because it's unable to aromatize and doesn't produce any of the negative estrogen-based side effects during the cycle. It features high androgenic properties and anabolic properties. Trenbolone Acetate produces large gains in quality muscle mass and overall strength while helping fat and retains water simply melt away. As a result athletes can gain extremely defined muscles while continuing to lose fat even while their diet isn't particularly healthy. Trenbolone Acetate does still require some type of PCT program in order to make sure that the body can continue producing natural testosterone after a cycle is completed. Maintaining dosage levels with saliva tests were blood tests is usually the best way to make sure that you are obtaining maximum performance results. The recommended dosage for men on this product is 50 to 150 mg each day or every other day. Women should not use this product.


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  1. Love it

    Review by Anthony (Posted on June 16, 2016)

    Im using this right now . 2 weeks in , amazing strength , aggression , and getting leaner . Great gains . amazing tren

  2. very happy

    Review by prince (Posted on November 05, 2015)

    Great results I will be ordering again

  3. Great product!

    Review by Robb (Posted on October 06, 2015)

    This is the real deal! Amazing gains! This stuff really shredded me. Should be used with test for best results.

  4. Great stuff

    Review by marc-antoine (Posted on October 06, 2015)

    I gain à lot of lean mass and strength with it. After all my injection i have a metalic taste in the mouth

  5. CRAZY

    Review by Raymond (Posted on October 06, 2015)

    Took my bodybuilding to a new level. This stuff was intense. The results from just 4 weeks use was crazy. Definitely a thumbs up from me. Thanks Muscle Gear

  6. Great gear

    Review by Devon (Posted on June 18, 2015)

    Wow... the strength and crazy Fucking gains in lean cut muscle is impressive! But the Acne is just as intense.. price ya pay tho. Bottom line is this is real tren and a serious cutting agent.

  7. Highly recommened

    Review by Kurt (Posted on March 28, 2015)

    This tren is 100% legit. I couldn't believe the changes i would see weekly! Would highly recommend this product! Teragon labs is #1!

  8. the real deal

    Review by joseywales40 (Posted on January 12, 2015)

    the 1 time you nick a vein you will be sure this real tren - aside from that the aggression,pumps,and insane strength should convince you this stuff is quality and the no water retention is nice too for a change too - keep up the good work !

  9. my fave

    Review by Aaron (Posted on November 25, 2014)

    wicked pumps..must use with a test to keep ur sex drive in check! :)

  10. Great product!

    Review by Anton (Posted on November 23, 2014)

    Used it to prep for my show. Definitely recommend!

  11. Fina-100 works as it should!

    Review by Michel (Posted on December 30, 2013)

    Tren Ace is genuine judging by the known effects of trenbolone: night sweats, strength increase, etc. Fina-100 was so androgenic that I had to take saw palmetto during cycle to limit prostate enlargement. Great product!

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