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Teragon Durabolin NPP 100mg/ml

Teragon Durabolin NPP 100mg/ml



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Manufacturer: Teragon Labs, Russia
Trade Name: Durabolin
Substance: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate
Strength: 100mg/ml / 10ml

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Teragon Durabolin NPP 100mg/ml: details and properties

NPP from Teragon is an oil-based steroid in a fast acting injectable format. While Nandrolone does closely resemble testosterone it has a far greater reduced androgenic activity with a powerful anabolic activity. This means it's safe for use on women and men and can aid in muscle growth, improve red blood cell counts for improved immune system function, better bone density, and a greater appetite. Nandrolone also works well to save nitrogen throughout the body changing our protein metabolism and ensuring that our muscles and body can recover more quickly after exercise. This is medication that is generally administered after major surgery for a severe accident to aid in healing but due to its amazing healing nature and performance enhancing results, many athletes use it regularly in their cycle. NPP needs to be taken every other day or every two days for best results. Most men take 400-600 mg each week. Women take 50-100mg each week.


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3 customer reviews

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  1. strength gains !

    Review by Burry Chambers (Posted on September 03, 2016)

    Great gains, up 30lbs on bench. Longer lifting duration

  2. go with your guns

    Review by shayne (Posted on October 05, 2015)

    I will always include Teragon npp in every cycle ..
    the gold label does it just this stuff is pure GOLD

  3. Amazing

    Review by Chad (Posted on June 15, 2015)

    this stuff is totally amazing huge gains when stacked with testosterone

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