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Teragon Dianabol - Dbol 10mg/100tabs

Trade Name: Dianabol
Substance: Methandrostenolone
Strength: 10mg per tab / 100 tabs


Teragon Dianabol - Dbol 10mg/100tabs: details and properties

Dbol is otherwise known as methandrostenolone and this current formula is produced by Teragon Labs. Dbol changes protein metabolism and promotes the synthesis and build up of proteins throughout our body and in our muscles. This buildup causes a positive nitrogen balance which can help us feel a better sense of well-being as well as increase calcium deposits in our bones. This leads to better performance results and allows us to push our bodies further during athletic training. Dbol is an oral steroid that produces strong androgenic and anabolic effects. By taking this oral medication you can work at building up extra strength and muscle mass. It's one of the most popular oral steroids because it always works quickly and reliably to build up massive amounts of muscle mass in athletes. Expect around to 4 pounds a week in gained muscle weight within the first six weeks of use. You can ensure that these gains aren't caused by water retention by taking an antiestrogen like Arimidex or Femara during your doses of Dbol. The recommended dosage for Dianabol is around 30 to 40 mg per day for men. This product is not recommended for women.


8 customer reviews

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  1. would highly recommend,worked very well for me at 30mg per day!

    Review by Manicman (Posted on August 07, 2016)

    Good stuff,love the pumps and the strength increases at 30mg per day

  2. Dbol review

    Review by Gymjunkie (Posted on July 15, 2016)

    Great stuff

  3. Super pumps

    Review by Dan Simpson (Posted on June 30, 2016)

    This product ensures solid gains with little to no sides.
    100mg ED.

  4. Five star.

    Review by D (Posted on April 21, 2016)

    just do it .

  5. G2G great stuff

    Review by josh c (Posted on February 09, 2016)

    Well worth the money, great pumps, energy. Gained 25lbs dropped 8 of water. Will order again

  6. Awesome

    Review by Mitch (Posted on December 15, 2015)

    Its pretty good

  7. Awesome product!

    Review by Carlos (Posted on November 21, 2015)

    I feel super human strength on this top quality dbol from teragon. Makes me want to lift heavier with every set. Definitely recommend.

  8. quick gains

    Review by mike (Posted on December 28, 2013)

    used mid cycle to boost gains. Rapid size and strength increase. does what it should

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