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Igtropin IGF-1 LR3

Trade Name: Igtropin
Substance: Insulin-like growth factor 1
Strength: 100 mcg/vial / 10 vials


Igtropin IGF-1 LR3: details and properties

Igtropin IGF-1 LR3 (1000 mcg)

Long chain insulin like growth factor is a specialty protein that contains 83 amino acids. This formula will work to increase protein synthesis, promote fat loss and metabolism boosting benefits, increase glucose transport as well as RNA synthesis. This is a great performance enhancing drugs that leads to the transformation of fat into energy. This drug is powerful enough to actually cause Hypertrophy which is a splitting of ourselves. This can help us to increase the size of our muscle cells much faster than possible. By increasing the size of our muscle cells you can actually work to develop a greater amount of tissue and with the proper training and nutrition you can grow stronger than ever before. IGF can change your body at the genetic level increasing cell count and muscle tissue while allowing you to cut weight very quickly. By injecting 52 100 MCGs just an hour after your workouts you can see the most effective results specifically at the injection site. With Igtrophin it is important to stagger your injection sites that you can see continuous increases after your workouts in which the regular injection sites. The ideal storage temperature of this product is around 2 to 8°C. **Bacteriostatic water not included.


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  1. Ran I GF1

    Review by Top shelf ink (Posted on November 20, 2015)

    Found this to work really well ,helped cut my fat down and maintain my muscle mass well coming off ( tren,master E,650 testo mission) witch where all mission gear ordered here MG . Was very happy with everything ordered MG . I will be running I GF1 again

  2. Amazing Product

    Review by thedon 1 (Posted on September 09, 2015)

    i have been using this product off and on for 1 year and it has totally changed my look and quality of muscle i can highly suggest anyone who is on a budget and looking for results like hgh to try this product you wont regret it

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