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Riptropin hGH 100IU


Availability: Out of stock

Manufacturer: China
Trade Name: No
Substance: Somatropin 191AA
Strength: 100 IU (10 IU per vial) / 10 vials


Riptropin hGH 100IU: details and properties

**Every kit has a unique serial number that can be verified by visiting www.riptropin.com**

Riptropin human growth hormone is one of the most widely recognized human growth hormones produced in China. The current formula has been in development and production for over 10 years and features one of the highest charity human growth hormones available on the market. We are proud to be one of the only suppliers of this amazing product available in Canada. Every single Riptropin order that we sell comes with its own unique serial number that can be verified online.

Riptropin features one of the purest versions of human growth hormone powder in its freeze-dried format. Human growth hormone like this works at anti-aging, improving the healing process and improves fat mobilization. It's possible that while taking this medication you can reduce your body fat, experience higher energy levels, increase your exercise performance, create stronger bones, improve the look of your skin and hair as well as remove wrinkles. Many also report that improve sexual function as well as immune system function and can lead to increased muscle mass because it assists so heavily in training. 

Most individuals can take around 2 to 3 IU’s per day to see a sufficient performance boost. Middle-aged individuals should be able to take just 1.5-2 IU’s per day to see great results. For an added performance boost you can increase her dosage to around 4 to 5 IU’s.

Bacteriostatic water will be needed to take this product by injection and he needs to be purchased separately. The formula can be exposed at room temperature for up to a month but it is recommended to keep the storage temperature around 2 to 8°C to enjoy the maximum lifespan.


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2 customer reviews

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  1. overall great service

    Review by Anthony (Posted on September 12, 2014)

    I ordered one kit of Rips to test out on myself. compared to the generic blue tops i was using these blew them out of the water completely at 3 iu/ED compared to 6iu Bluetops ED. serial numbers on the holographic scratch off were authentic on the website. i feel great knowing my GH is legit and domestic. ordering either the serono kits on here next, or bulk rips. package came in one day from payment. great service, thanks Musclegear!

  2. Riptropin hgh

    Review by Aaron (Posted on September 09, 2014)

    I ordered close to 4000$ worth of riptropin. Just arrived today. Fast delivery and great service. I was worried about losing so much money on a order, but these guys are legit and the products are good to go. I also checked the holograms on the hgh to the riptropin site and yes they are legit. Thanks guys

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