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Zentec Clomid 50mg

Zentec Clomid 50mg

Trade Name: Clomid
Substance: Clomiphene
Strength: 50mg / 50 tabs


Zentec Clomid 50mg: details and properties


  • The duration of action: 2 days
  • Classification: oral antiestrogen
  • Type - oral
  • Dosage: Men 50-100mg / day
  • Acne: None
  • Water Retention: None
  • High blood pressure: Unlikely
  • Hepatotoxicity: None

Use and Dosage

Effects of Zentec Clomid 50mg:

Men are usually confronted with the increase in testosterone secretion that is very important at the end of the steroid cycle, when testosterone level falls dramatically and reduces its secretion as a result of known isotropic response to an external testosterone.

No need to explain that if the testosterone synthesis is not restored in time, there will be a powerful rollback, which may cause significant losses of muscle mass and strength. This is due to the fact that without adequate quantity of testosterone the catabolic hormone Cortisol (catabolic metabolism) starts dominating and it can eat most of the gained muscles.

Clomid can play an important role in preventing this catastrophe.

Dosage of Zentec Clomid 50mg after cycle therapy:

Clomiphene dosage depends on the cycle severity: drugs and dosage quantity, drugs strength. The former indicators determine the time body needs to recover and the quantity of Clomid. In general, the cycle can be described as follows:

  • Very heavy cycle - 3 * 150/12 * 100/15 * 50/15 * 25
  • Hard cycle- 15 * 100/15 * 50/15 * 25
  • Average cycle - 30 * 50/15 * 25
  • Easy cycle -15 * 50/15 * 25/15 * 25 (every 2 days)
  • Very easy cycle - 15 * 50/15 * 25

Side Effects:

In general, side effects are extremely rare, but still may have place.

Nervous system and sensory organs: headache, dizziness, depression, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, slowing of mental and motor responses, impaired vision.

Digestive tract: nausea, vomiting, gastralgia, flatulence, diarrhea.

Genitourinary system: cystic enlargement of the ovaries, dysmenorrhea, pollakiuria, polyuria, multiple pregnancies.

Others: hot flashes, weight gain, pain in the abdomen, chest, testicles (men), hyperthermia, reversible hair loss, allergic skin reactions.

Half Life: 5-7 days

Detection Time: 4-6 weeks


Post-cycle therapy by Dr. Michael Scally is published in the book William Llewelly's Anabolics 10th edition.

The total duration of treatment - 45 days.

  • Day 1-20: 10 injections of hCG 2,000 IU a day, at bedtime.
  • Day 1-30: Clomid (clomiphene citrate) 50 mg 2 times a day.
  • Day 1-45: Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate), 20 mg, two times a day.

Treatment begins after the anabolic drug is removed. Estimated time of removal is on the picture. If hCG was administered during the cycle, it shouldn’t be included in the PCT since the testicular function is saved.


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