Teragon Trienol - Methyltrienolone 1mg/30tabs

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Manufacturer: Teragon Labs, Russia
Trade Name: Trienol
Substance: Methyltrienolone
Strength: 1mg per tab / 30 tabs


Teragon Trienol - Methyltrienolone 1mg/30tabs: details and properties

Trienol is otherwise known as methyltrinolone. It is roughly the same compound as typical trenbolone only it undergoes a 17 A alkylation to ensure that the trenbolone is most active through an oral dosage. Trienol features all of the same benefits as trenbolone only you don't have to take any type of injections to gain the same benefits. This drug works very well at binding to androgen receptors and produces greater androgen like effect than even what you might experience from testosterone. This medication can help you to drastically improve your muscle growth as well as experience a more positive lipolytic action. This means that you can not only build quality muscle mass but it's also possible to burn fat quickly. Trienol also features many anti catabolic abilities which works to reduce general body fat without reducing any of the muscle mass. Many athletes who try to shed fat mass experience muscle loss as well for running a low calorie diet. Trienol ensures that you can maintain your regular calories while still burning fat. It's important not to exceed the daily recommended dosage for Trienol and to never take the medication for more than 1 mg a day for four weeks. This is not a product recommended for women and men should consider taking just 1 mg per day for four weeks cycles.


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