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Mission Femara/Letrozole 1.25mg

Mission Femara/Letrozole 1.25mg

Trade Name: Letrozole
Substance: Letrozole
Strength: 1.25 mg per tab / 50 tabs


Mission Femara/Letrozole 1.25mg: details and properties

Hormonal therapy is often considered for women who are in the early stages or are already suffering from cancer. It has been noticed that the incidence of breast cancer in post-menopausal women is relatively higher when compared with younger age groups. Research reveals that many of these breast cancers are estrogen-receptor positive in type. The menopauseestrogen numbers rise when androgens get converted into estrogens by the stimulating action of enzymes called aromatase on fatty tissues of the body. Estrogens released by the adrenal glands are known to circulate within the blood. If the presence of number of circulating estrogens gets lowered by hormonal therapy, chances of these reaching out towards cancer cells to cause manifestation of the cancer get automatically reduced.

When should it be prescribed?

The manufacture of the hormonal therapy drug mg Mission LetrozoleFemara 1.25 has thus been composed on the principle of blocking or inhibiting the aromatization process so that estrogen level in the body does not rise high. It is thus an aromatase inhibitor, anti-estrogen drug. This medication is often recommended as a part of treatment therapy especially for postmenopausal women showing symptoms of breast tumors or cancers and has been on treatment with Tamoxifen.

In certain cases, the drug is recommended just before undergoing surgery for excision of the breast nodule/nodules (lumpectomy). Other instances where LetrozoleFemara may be prescribed by doctors are if the breast cancer has spread out to other regions of the body while the patient is on the other cancer drug tamoxifen.

Also it may be prescribed when there is a relapse of cancerous growth in the same area or elsewhere. One must note that this medication is advised usually as an adjuvant treatment which means it is to be administered in addition to other treatments for the disease.

Physical Appearance, Dosage & Side Effects

The appearance of LetrozoleFemara 1.25 mg is whitish-yellow powder made into tablet form for easy oral ingestion. It has a crystalline property, contains no odor, and does not dissolve in water, but has good solubility in dichloromethane and partial solubility in ethanol. While it is best to follow the need to be monitored more carefully with the dosage. Also hormone replacement therapy treatment drugs must not be consumed while one is on Letrozole prescribed dosage recommended by the medical practitioner, not more than 2.5 mg per day should be consumed. Patients having liver dysfunction would hormonal therapy. Usually doctors recommend the dosage based on the severity of individual cases and in certain cases LetrozoleFemara may even be prescribed for years. Likelihood of side effects such as fatigue, aches and pains in muscles and joints, loss of hair, hot flushes, osteoporosis etc. may be anticipated with the medication. Also ensure that the drug is not kept with other medications in order to avoid contamination.

One can buy the hormonal therapy medication from online sources but make sure to have a prescription for the same.


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