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British Dispensary Azolol 400 tabs

Trade Name: Azolol
Substance: Stanozolol
Strength: 5mg per tab / 400 tabs


British Dispensary Azolol 400 tabs: details and properties

***ATTENTION*** Expires 11.2016

Winstrol is also otherwise known by its chemical name of Stanozolol. This popular oral anabolic steroid is taken directly from dihydrotestosterone. It features low androgenic activity and won't aromatize like some other oral testosterone steroids. It also features high anabolic properties which means that an athlete can see big improvements when it comes to their overall size, muscle tone, vascularity and exercise performance. Winstrol is a good choice for using with other types of steroids like testosterone-based steroids, trenbolone-based steroids and nandrolone-based steroids. It works to reduce sex hormone binding globulin spreads these extra hormones out throughout the body so that they can make the largest performance impact. Stanozolol is a great addition to any type of cycle whether you are in a post-cycle therapy or on a current steroid cycle. Stanozolol has a recommended dosage for women of 5 to 10 mg per day. It should be taken by men at 50 mg per day doses.


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  1. lean and strong

    Review by ripped monster (Posted on September 06, 2016)

    i’ve been on azolol this past few mths, i take 40mg per day , but damn i look more ripped than ever! i tried dbol & trenbolon prior to this, within a few weeks i cud see results, even people noticed it. guys in order for it to work, diet & serious training plays apart. gonna order more

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