Accutane 40mg Roche

Accutane 40mg Roche



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Manufacturer: Roche, Switzerland
Trade Name: Accutane
Substance: Isotretinoin
Strength: 40mg / 30 capsules

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Accutane 40mg Roche: details and properties

Isotretinoin otherwise known as Accutane is essentially just vitamin A. It works to reduce the oil that is released from the glands in your skin and can actually help you to renew your skin cells much more quickly. Accutane is used regularly to treat nodular acne. It's usually the last chance medication that's used after other treatments have failed. Isotretinoin can also work at treating other skin diseases especially when prescribed by a doctor Accutane isn't regularly used on women who are fertile unless other treatments for acne have failed. This is not a medication that you can take during pregnancy because it's been shown to cause a number of issues with fertility as well as a greater potential for birth defects. The dosage is prepared based off of your body weight. The dose for Accutane is usually measured by .5 to 1 mg per every kilogram of body weight divided into two doses each day.


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  1. perfect product

    Review by jean-francois (Posted on July 27, 2018)

    best acne product perfect for me.
    I hope you'll get back quickly;)

  2. Great product

    Review by Sean (Posted on January 08, 2016)

    I feel this product works much better then "underground" Accutane. Every time i come off a cycle i blow up in acne, Im on my 3rd pack of Roche Accutane and everything is slowly clearing up and skin is really dry. I tried mission accutane before going pharmacy grady and did not like it nearly as much as Roche. This product is kinda pricey

  3. I think it’s really great stuff guys.

    Review by _1980_ (Posted on January 01, 2016)

    When I was lifting, I had more acne than muscles haha. I have no idea how people could stand around me. Anyway, Pharmacy Grade’s Accutane save me. After 14 months of minimal dosages of 20-30mg I cleared up my acne completely.

  4. It ideal to combine Accutane with the visit to a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

    Review by Xander (Posted on December 27, 2015)

    Overall, there are a few other stuff that could help you get rid of acne like silicic acid and stuff. But if your acne case is severe, this drug is an awesome choice. It helped me clear up my acne within the first few weeks. It’s very effective but still a very dangerous drug. Be sure to consult your doctor!

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