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Zentec Test 400mg/ml

Trade Name: T-400
Substance: Testosterone blend
Strength: 400mg/ml / 10ml


Zentec Test 400mg/ml: details and properties

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Zentec T400 400mg/ml Steroid Profile: • The duration of action: 3-4days • Classification: Anabolic Steroid • Anabolic activity: 100% of testosterone. • Androgenic activity: 100% of testosterone. • Type - Injections • Dosage: Men 250-500mg/week • Acne: Yes • Water Retention: Yes • High blood pressure: Unlikely • Hepatotoxicity: None • Aromatization: Yes • DHT (dihydrotestosterone) conversion: Yes • Decrease of HPTA function (testosteron production): Yes Use and Dosage Zentec T400 (400 mg / ml) effects: • muscle mass increase (average athlete gaining about 6 kilograms of muscle in a month). • Inhibition of catabolic processes. • Increased appetite. • Stimulation of red blood cells production. Zentec T400 400mg / ml increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles, making its work more productive. • Increased libido (weakening of sexual desire after the course is possible) • Positively affects phosphorus metabolism and nitrogen balance. Its special feature is short duration. Injections are usually carried out in a day. This is one of the main drawbacks of propionate taking, in comparison with its longer living analogs, such as enanthate. The second major drawback is its higher cost compared with the same enanthate. It can be used during weight increase courses as well as during cutting cycles. Use of Zentec T400 400 mg / ml (for men): Zentec T400 400mg / ml courses are not recommended to athletes who are under age or have any contraindications. In order to maintain hormonal stability the drug should be injected once a week (dosage varies from 250 to 500 milligrams). Injection is intramuscularly in the gluteal region. Starting from the second week of the course, aromatase inhibitors should be also included. If you exceed the established safe dosage, it is necessary to control estrogen level in the blood. After 21 days after the drug course is finished FCT is necessary to carry out. For this purpose, testosterone boosters and Tamoxifen are used. During post-cycle therapy secretion of testosterone is fully restored in a month. For athletes - beginners solo course with specialized sports nutrition for gaining lean muscle will be enough. Side Effects: The combination does not differ from any other form of the hormone and therefore just shows estrogenic activity. Possible side effects from the mixture in the case of the use of large doses will be the next: • excess body fat • suppression of secretion of testosterone • gynecomastia • swelling To prevent the majority of side effects it is recommended to include anti-estrogens (best - aromatase inhibitors) in the course. Such drugs as Tamoxifen (and other selective estrogen receptor modulators) should be used after steroids taking. During long courses gonadotropin is recommended to use to avoid reactions associated with the suppression of endogenous testosterone. Half Life: 4-5 days Detection Time: 35-45 days Cycles: As for how to take Test Mix by Radjay in combination with other AAS, range of drugs is not so great. For cutting and the relief the combination with Winstrol is considered to be the best, and for muscle mass increase- with nandrolone. Correct mixed course allows to minimize the negative reactions and to increase productivity.


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