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Mission ProFina 200mg/ml

Mission ProFina 200mg/ml



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Manufacturer: Mission Labs, Canada
Trade Name: ProFina
Substance: Test Prop/Tren Acetate
Strength: 200mg/ml (10ml)

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Mission ProFina 200mg/ml: details and properties

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2 customer reviews

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  1. Best I have ever tried!

    Review by Taras (Posted on September 13, 2016)

    One of the most powerful steroids available today. I got rapid muscle gain. 20 pounds in 8 weeks. SUPER!!!

  2. my best cycle

    Review by coach (Posted on July 28, 2015)

    I purchased Profina from Missions laboratories and there are a few things I’d like to say about it. First of all its pretty much a mix of two injectable products, which is very potent. It’s especially a great option if you want to go on a cycle with two injectables +one tabs.

    You can also tweak the compounds and doses. So, say, you can have test propionate as a foundation and add either trenbolone ace or anavar or even both to it.
    Also, I’d recommend to buy all the following products from Mission labs, as I’ve had numerous cycles with their stuff and it always gives me exactly what I’m looking for.
    So if you are (a) experienced in using steroids, (b) had been off steroids for at least 3 months and (c) your blood test is alright, you can consider going on this cycle to gain some lean muscles.
    However, keep your diet as clean as possible and do cardio on top of adding supersets to your training program.

    Here’s the best cycle for the test propionate and trenbolone ace
    Weeks 1-8 – test. propionate 1ml/EOD
    Weeks 1-8 – trenbolone acetate 1ml/EOD
    weeks 10-12 50 mg a day of Clomixyl

    Now, the PCT:
    Take 150 mg of Clomid for day 1; then 100 mg for day 2.
    Next 10 days take 50 mg of clomid.

    It’s smart to keep the dosage for injectables at 1ml/EOD. You may actually increase the dose up to 2ml/EOD and still be safe.
    You can tweak the cycle length from 6 to 12 weeks – up to you. Depends on how you tolerate EOD injections.

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