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Mission Boldenone - Equipoise 300mg/ml

Mission Boldenone - Equipoise 300mg/ml



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Manufacturer: Mission Labs, Canada
Trade Name: EQ
Substance: Boldenone Undecylenate
Strength: 300mg/ml / 10ml

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Mission Boldenone - Equipoise 300mg/ml: details and properties

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Boldenone is popularly used drug for the treatment of animals. Analysis says that Boldenone is helpful to improve growth of cattle and it also increases feed conversion resulting better production of meat. It is moderately different from testosterone because it consists of double bond in steroid structure’s 1st position of A-ring. The oral version of this hormone is very difficult to produce because according to its chemical properties keep it liquid at room temperature.

Boldenone is considered best steroid for improving appetite but still some body builders fond it weak steroid and prefer to use it with some other steroids such as primobolone. The most popular form of boldenone undecylenate is Ganabol. It consists of 50 gm of boldenone per 1ml of oil carrier. Analysis says that it is sufficient to take 600mg of boldenone per week to see efficient results. Beside this many sports persons think that high mg/ml mixture of boldenone undecylenate can be used without any harm because it stays liquid at room temperature.


  • Apart from veterinary practices, this steroid is popularly used by sports people, body builders as well as trainers.
  • It helps in reduction of water retention.
  • During bulking cycles, this steroid is also useful to improve appetite.
  • It is very helpful for athletes and trainers to increase the RBC’s as well as amount of haemoglobin in their body.
  • Boldenone is very helpful to increase the protein synthesis and hence improves muscle mass.
  • It is popularly used due to its strength attaining property.
  • It enhances body stamina and thus very useful for athletes during their long hour practices.
  • It helps to regulate the proper flow of nutrients in body.
  • It helps to reduce calories and provide contest shape to body.Thus athletes prefer these steroids.

Suggested dosage:

Boldenone undecylenate is generally available in form of injections and one can take them twice a week, although they show good results for single dose a week. It is good for females to take comparatively lower dose of this steroid. Mostly men use to take a dose ranging from 300 to 400 mg whereas women prefer a dose from 50 to 150 mg a week. If Boldenone undecylenate is mixed with testosterone, it shows good results for building body mass. But most of the steroid cannot work along with boldenone so it is good to use it alone for effective and fast results. Women athletes also use this steroid because it is of mild nature and possess low andogenic properties.


Boldenone can be used in many interesting ways, for e.g. it can be combined with trenbolone to provide the required amont of aromatizing steroid while allowing lower dose of trebolone. In this combination also it possesses same anabolic effect. One can also use it in combination with Primobolan in cases of self prescribed HRT. It will then help to reduce the production of DHT. These steroids are very useful for body builders, trainers and athletes to attain proper muscular fitness


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  1. testing my first order from Missionlaboratories and I’m liking it so far!

    Review by me_and_u (Posted on December 12, 2015)

    One thing though – ive been slightly dehydrated and I’m using 300mg with test and 300mg of deca. Not sure what’s the problem?? And I have to eat like a lion now loool

  2. best cycle

    Review by Rob_ert (Posted on November 21, 2015)

    Mission’s boldenone undecylenate 300mg/ml
    Testosterone enanthate 250mg/ml
    Tamoxifen 10mg tabs

    It’s one of the best cycles for beginners. Boldenone Undecylenate brings down the dosage of testosterone without any damage to its anabolic efficiency, and reduces inner conversion of steroids into estrogens as well as androgenic activity of the course. Tamoxifen eliminates the risk of developing any estrogenic side effects. Good stuff, been using this cycle for a while.

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