Cobalt Cabergoline 0.5mg

Cobalt Cabergoline 0.5mg

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Manufacturer: Cobalt / Pfizer
Trade Name: No
Substance: Cabergoline
Strength: 0.5 mg per tab / 8 tabs


Cobalt Cabergoline 0.5mg: details and properties

Cobalt Cabergoline is otherwise known as dostinex and it works as an agonist for dopamine. Dopamine is found in the brain and it works to translate nerve impulses throughout the body. Dopamine is also involved in the formation of epinephrine throughout our bodies. When dopamine is released through our brains it can actually work to release prolactin in through the pituitary gland which can have an effect on our hormonal balance. When you start to use a steroid cycle there is always a chance of prolactin related side effects which can change our overall body chemistry. Many studies have shown that by lowering prolactin throughout the body you can reduce many of the most popular steroid side effects. Dostinex has become one of the most popular treatments available for athletes utilizing steroids because it lowers prolactin so well. Cabergoline can work to restore sexual function as a side effect when there is too much prolactin present in the body. This type of side effect can sometimes occur with the use of trenbolone and Nandrolone steroids. For fans of these types of steroids, adding cabergoline into a cycle can ensure that no problems occur. The recommended dosage on this medication is .25 mg-.5 milligrams twice a week.


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